AXEO FLH Front End Suspension (97-2013) 3

AXEO FLH Front End Suspension (97-2013)

Fits 1997-2013
FLH Touring Models

  • 0414-0496: Standard AXEO $750
  • 0414-0497: 1" Lowered AXEO $750

41 MM

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Product Description

  • Available in standard or 1" lowered models
  • Easy installation
  • Includes 2 mono-tube, dual chambered damper cartridges
  • Nitrogen chambers with internal floating pistons
  • Performance spring rate
  • Machined 303 Stainless threaded pre-load adjuster
  • Increased pre-load range allows fine tuning for various riding styles and weights
  • Ride quality is smooth and controlled
  • Improves stability, cornering and traction
  • Eliminates front-end dive during aggressive braking and maneuvering
  • Firm feel for high-speed sweeping turns
  • Eliminates bottoming out on large bumps or potholes
  • Reduces dragging floorboards and pegs
  • Designed for optimum performance with Legend rear suspensions
  • Includes Maxima Racing Oil in cartridge and quart bottle
  • P65 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made by hand in Sturgis, SD USA

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  • 1244 Woods Way, Chesapeake, VA 23323

    Overall 5

    Quality 5

    Value 4

    Reviewer Kelvin Graham

    Written on 12/24/2016

    I started out having issue with the front end of my 2012 FLHTK after the 25K mile service. I notice my ride seems to bottom out over minor holes, drive way seperations and transiting over rail road tracks. I took if back to the dealer about 5 times to get the front end to some what ride better. Almost time for the 50K service and I asked the dealer what would be done to address the ill handling that I have been experiencing and their response was not helpful. Talked with the parts department and the Parts guy introduced me to the AXEO FLH Front end for my 2012 FLHTK. I had them installed and knew immediately I made the right decision to upgrade the front suspension. I was impressed at the responsiveness that my bike now exhibited an how smooth going over bumps it felt. I found myself pushing harder in the turns and feeling more confident in doing so. Cruising at highway speeds seem less fatiguing now. I'm hoping when I purchase the rear suspension the ride will be even more superb. Awesome product so far. (I had the preload set to 200-300 I'm 5'8" 207lbs and tend to ride with a lot of weight).